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Kym Register + Meltdown Rodeo / Sam Rise

All Ages
Friday, June 28
Doors: 7:30pm Show: 7:30pm
$0 to $15

EARLY SHOW!  Doors @ 7pm / Show @ 730pm / Off Stage by 930pm!  

Kym Register + Meltdown Rodeo is a transgressive and distorted country music outfit based in North Carolina that places queer storytelling at the forefront. Their music intimately grapples with identity, retribution, reconciliation and queer existence in both modern-day and historical (inclusive of mostly all) southern culture.Register is also contributing a queer lens to the southern rock ethos. By way of supporting cast, Sinclair Palmer (bass), Joe Westerlund (drums), and Matt Phillips categorically deliver. Check out the title track for a perfect example of the band’s ability to travel between gritty responsiveness and tender reflection at Register’s lyrical instruction. Whether grappling with the constrictions of gender expressions on dating apps (“How Do You See Me”), evoking the semi-autobiographical loneliness of Dorothy Allison’s Carolina bastards (“Maureen”), or daring white folks to “get right with their history of compliance in racial capitalism” (“Loamlands”), Register affirms that songwriting, at its best, is a gross but necessary confrontation.Ultimately Register and Meltdown Rodeo (both the newly named band and album) have achieved in eleven songs something the south has only half-heartedly attempted – undoing generational curses by retiring “bless your heart” lip service. – SHIRLETTE AMMONS
Music is your birthright. 

Your voice belongs as it is, you belong as you are.

We can’t be afraid and sing at the same time.

These are the tenets and principles that guide Samantha Rise, a non-binary songcatcher and performer based in Philadelphia. As a self described ‘pollinator’ performer, their songs collect and evoke their myriad influences, across labels of genres and medium.

Samantha’s passion for music and community building are the heart of their work; a student of jazz, improvisation, social justice movements and the music that drives them, Samantha encourages a unique vulnerability with their audiences, reminding us all that music is our birthright, and a technology of healing, transformative justice and self-determination.

An award-winning songcatcher, Rise’s music is sensual and staggering in its accounts of what it means to allow ourselves to be known; giving voice to heartbreak, hope and all the spaces between, wherever words fail. Through their music, Samantha Rise invites us to listen for our own music, and to sing in the world we know is possible.

Rise’s debut release, Brighter Days, landed in four installments over the solstice and equinox in 2019. Their music is available on  Apple Music, Spotify, BandCamp and Soundcloud. 

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