The Pinhook Favicon

Jake Kohn / Cody Christian

All Ages
Sunday, July 21
Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8pm
The local music scene in his home of Winchester, Virginia is no stranger to talent. Jake had the support of Logan Moore from Low Water Bridge Band early on. He began playing local bars at age 13, uploading new music via YouTube in his time away from school and gigs. Jake caught the attention of his now manager, Ashley Wells, with a cover of a Jason Isbell tune, posted in a Facebook group. She would later bring Jake to Kentucky to play Master Musicians Festival with artists such as John R. Miller and Marty Stuart. It was his video for “Hard as Stone,” filmed for Radio West Virginia, that fueled Jake’s widespread notoriety. His video for “Frostbite,” a gut-wrenching and jaw-dropping showcase of his songwriting and vocal ability, continues to make its way across all platforms bolstering millions of views. His career has been on an upward trajectory since, leading Jake to hit the road, alongside his supportive mom, Maria. Jake will spend his summer touring and recording, before heading back to begin his junior year of high school.
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