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Blab School / E / Speed Stick

All Ages
Sunday, July 14
Doors: 7pm Show: 7:30pm
E, the trio of Jason Sanford (Neptune), Thalia Zedek (Come, Live Skull) and new drummer Ernie Kim continue to develop the, at times densely, interwoven guitar interplay that has characterized their work to date, while simultaneously revealing a new set tricks  E delivers a sound that is both taut and driven, shimmering with delineation of new constellations of sound.
“…absorbing selection of songs that shift from no wave to power punk, to…industrialized digital destruction…”
 – Edwin Pouncey, Wire, May 2022
“E brings together three disparate but complementary energies, the brute, ravaged force of Thalia Zedek’s singing and playing, the spiked, percussive punk cadences and altered guitar sounds of Jason Sanford and the elemental thump of Gavin McCarthy’s drums… Any Information, the fourth or fifth from this band… is its most cohesive statement yet.” 

 – Jennifer Kelly, Dusted, 20 April 2022

E= Noizerock from Boston (Ernie Kim+ Jason Sanford (Neptune)+Thalia Zedek (Come)

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