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AZUL / Animal Prince / Elora Dash

All Ages
Sunday, June 02
Doors: 7pm Show: 7pm
$10 to $13
AZUL is a solo project by Azul Zapata. Her sound is as multicultural as her background. Hailing from Argentina her music ranges from jazz, latin folk, blues, r&b, to soul. Originals are lyrically-driven pieces from the jumbles in her head and heart. She hopes you listen and understands her goal: to tell her story.

Oakland, CA group Animal Animal Prince Prince is the lovechild of vocalist/violinist Fae Nageon de Lestang & partner Grant McLeod (drums/keys). They seamlessly blend retro- inspired pop, string arrangements, and modern grooves to create a playful, yet sophisticated sound that dances outside the confines of modern pop.

At the nexus of R&B and neo-soul emerges Chapel Hill artist, Elora Dash; musician, vocalist, vocal coach, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Her stunning voice hits the highs and feels the lows; her music shows off an adventurous spirit. Taking inspiration from Hiatus Kaiyote, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill, Dash appreciates the syncopation of spirit. Although Elora Dash is a solo artist, she primarily plays with a band comprised of all-star members of the NC music community: Brady Kennedy on drums, Daniel Combs on keys, Nick Williams on bass, and Colin Moser on guitar. Elora and her band aim to blend elements of jazz fusion, neo-soul, and R&B in their collaborative art. Her music is characterized by eclectic instrumentals and soulful vocals.

Her newest single was released in November 2022: an acoustic track titled “Disappointed”. In 2020, she released “Self-Actualization”, a 9-track instrumental collaborative lofi mixtape featuring many artists from around NC and the country. Her next single “Love You More” releases on October 27 and she’s in the process of recording a longer project for release in 2024.

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