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Alcantara / Frida Kill / Shop Talk

All Ages
Thursday, March 07
Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8pm
$10 to $12

“NYC punk that sounds like it was transported from another dimension. Anthemic and addictive, but dark and dreary, like London and pre-hardcore L.A. mingling somewhere mysterious. The psychobilly tinges and warbly vocals really solidify SHOP TALK as a band who sound like…SHOP TALK. Which is a feat in itself, but they’re also really fukkn good at it.” —Maximum Rocknroll 

“Gutsy rock & roll from this Brooklyn group bursting with hot-rodding riffs and snarling vocals, hearkening back to classic dark punk.” — (“New and Notable”) 

“The Offering has run its high octane course in a lean thirteen minutes and change, and you might want to re-listen to the fever pitch of the five tracks again. And again. Go ahead. I did.” — Full Time Aesthetic 

“What propels [the EP] from good to plain out-of-the-ballpark spectacular are the advanced songwriting chops on display here, running circles around 99% of all other current punk groups.” —12XU / Verspannungsmusik 

Paste Magazine premiere of “Black Friar”

Stereogum premiere of “Mirage of Love”

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