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My private event at The Pinhook was the first time I’d been able to dance to a live DJ in over a year, and was the most fun I’d had all pandemic! Kym and their team made the whole process easy-peasy and were very accommodating with my particular music and logistics requests. I missed dancing my ass off at the Pinhook on Friday or Saturday nights sooo much. This was such a unique opportunity to be part of Pinhook history and get back out on the dance floor!  The new tables and all of the updates the Pinhook put in over the pandemic are exceptional. 10/10 upgrades. Pinhook private events get a 10/10 from me. Would do again. – John Spauls


The party we had at the Pinhook was the absolute perfect way to celebrate not only our friends’ birthdays, but also safely celebrate that we can CELEBRATE stuff together again!! We got to gather and have the experience that we have all been missing—namely, Pinhook dance parties—and know that everyone was safe. Sweaty af, but safe. Also the crew—Kym, Nicole, and Heather—were so sweet and helpful and made the whole thing incredibly easy. As the coordinator, I really didn’t have to do anything! DJ Gemynii absolutely crushed it— even folx I didn’t expect to dance were all over the floor by the end of the night. – Isabel Shapiro



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